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The Location Update

- 22nd of February, 2017



Yay! We have a software update for your Tinitell! 

Please update your Tinitell today to get the best performance from your device:

  • Constant and reliable GPS location updates in the Tinitell app thanks to an improved location algorithm;
  • A better calling experience when you call to and from Tinitell.

How to perform the software update: 
Update the Tinitell app via Google Play or App Store and then follow these steps.
Switch Tinitell ON and charge it until it has at least 50% battery.
Bring Tinitell close to your smartphone.
Open the Tinitell App and switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth.
Tap on the Tinitell icon in the bottom right corner of the app.
Swipe up the Tinitell menu screen.
Tap on “Tinitell Settings”.
Tap on “Software Update”.
Tap on “Update Now”.
When the app displays the message “Your Tinitell is now up to date” tap on “Done”.
Tinitell will restart automatically. Please allow up to 5 minutes for Tinitell to power on.
You’re done! :)

We are continuously upgrading Tinitell’s features, thanks to the feedback from all Tinitellers. Please let us know your feedback on Tinitell’s performance by emailing us to hello@tinitell.com.


Happy Talking! 


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