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Your Kid's First Mobile Phone

Tinitell Family – Adrian Metzger

- 10th of November, 2016


Adrian and her daughter live in the United States and have been using Tinitell for several months now. Adrian’s daughter was diagnosed with impulse control disorder, so, being able to run across the street to her friends place on her own was a big step for her. Adrian has been using Tinitell to stay in touch with her daughter while she is outside and it has brought both of them the piece of mind that they were looking for. We asked them to answer some questions about how Tinitell has changed their lives since they joined the Tinitell family.

1. How are your children finding their Tinitells after several months of use?

My daughter wears her Tinitell every day. She was very excited to learn this last Monday that one of her school friends now has a Tinitell.

2. How has Tinitell changed your daily life?

There is definitely an improved level of comfort knowing she can call if she needs too: especially if we are out and about in a crowd should she get separated.

3. What is your favorite feature?

It is not possible to separate the two features as more valuable than the other. Being able to call her or know she can call has its own value while the GPS allows an additional layer of safety that I cannot put a value on.

4. What have your children’s reactions been?

She really likes having her phone, mostly because she feels more secure.

5. Do your children play outside more?

Yes, in her neighborhood.

6. What would you like to see in future Tinitell models?

First I would like to see the battery life improved. I think for most people the 10 to 12 hours is sufficient but in our case my daughter spends time at her dad’s and he often does not charge the unit. It is not uncommon for the battery to be exhausted under these circumstances. Clearly wearing the device with a dead battery does not help her.

Second, I am looking forward to the continued improvement in the GPS. We live in Austin, Texas and there is no shortage of cell towers but it often takes the device quite a while to update even when the child is on the move. Interestingly the GPS will register that she has left our home and crossed the street to her friend’s home but will not show she has left the neighborhood and gone 5 miles away to the store with her grandmother. I know you have been working on this and look forward to future improvement.

Comment: We are pleased to be involved in the development of this device. I believe you are creating a product that parents of young children will find indispensable. It is just the right tool for a child of her age: much too young for a cell phone but old enough to understand your device and see its value.

We would love to hear how your Tinitell experience has been so far! If you would like to take part in this questionnaire email us at hello@tinitell.com

Happy talking! :-)

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