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Tinitell Family – Joanna & Alfred

- 1st of November, 2016


Joanna and Alfred live in Stockholm, Sweden and have been using Tinitell for several months now. We asked them to answer some questions below about how Tinitell has changed their lives since they joined the Tinitell family.

1.     How does Alfred like his Tinitell? Does he use it often?

My son Alfred 6, who is six years old, likes his Tinitell a lot. He uses the Tinitell almost everyday, but he is not allowed to make calls from school.

2.     How has Tinitell changed your daily life?

The Tinitell has given Alfred more freedom, especially during evenings when he can play with friends outside or take the elevator alone. We can now let him take his bike to go see his friends on the weekend, which he really enjoys.

3.     What is your favourite feature?

We don’t really have a favourite feature, but Alfred now calls his grandparents regularly which they both enjoy very much! :-)

4.     What have your children’s reactions been?

The Tinitell has made Alfred feel proud!

5.     Do your children play outside more?

We have always let Alfred play outside. What’s great is that now we don’t have to be outside to keep him company all the time. If he needs to reach us he can do so with his Tinitell.

6.     What would you like to see in future Tinitell models?

We would love to be able to change the wristbands.

We would love to hear how your Tinitell experience has been so far! If you would like to take part in this questionnaire email us at hello@tinitell.com

Happy talking! :-)

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