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Tinitell Family – Mercedes and Logan

- 12th of April, 2017

Lisa and her three amazing kids: Mercedes, Logan and MilliValentina live in Stockholm, Sweden and have been using two Tinitells for several months now. We asked them to answer some questions about how Tinitell has changed their lives since they joined the Tinitell family.


How do your kids like Tinitell? Do they use it often?

I have three kids and my two oldest have one Tinitell each. They like them a lot and use them everyday at the school, they think the Tinitell is a cool gadget but most of all they do see the benefits of it.

Did Tinitell change your life in any way?

Yes. Like right now I’m taking care of my three kids alone because my husband works in the US and I’m at home, in Sweden. So, for example, Tinitell helps me contact with my kids on a daily basis. Like when it’s time to go home from school or when they have a question and I’m not there. Tinitell makes them independent in a good way.

Do your kids play outside more?

I don’t know if they play more outside because of Tinitell, since they love to be outside, but now they can go to friends and away from our garden because I Know that they will call me if something happens. And I can call them and tell them it’s time to go home without searching everywhere in the neighbourhood. And I feel more secure to let them go out and play.


What’s your favourite activity with your kid/kids?

We live close to the forrest and we like to go on hikes and out for picnics, those are maybe our favorite activities.

What’s the funniest thing your kid has called to tell you?

I don’t really know but sometimes they just call for only a second like “Hi, mom I just wanna say that I love you, good bye!” That is quite cute and really funny, I don’t even have to say anything, just smile :)

What’s your favourite Tinitell feature?

It is of course the calling feature, this is why we bought Tinitell and it’s why we use it. Me and my husband wants our kids to have a “phone” but we think they are too young to have an iPhone (or other smartphone) so Tinitell is perfect. No internet and no games that distract them, just a phone, it’s perfect!

We would love to hear how your Tinitell experience has been so far! If you would like to take part in this questionnaire email us at hello@tinitell.com.

Happy Talking! :-)

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