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Tinitell. New Scandinavian Wearable Mobile Phone For Kids

- 9th of February, 2016

Press Notes – Tinitell 2016.

When talking about technology and children, many people would say how smartphones, tablets, video games and other devices have reduced kids’ time playing outdoors. Many parents would rather have their children spend time running and playing outside, exploring the outdoor world than using consumer technology.

Tinitell is a piece of technology for kids that actually enables them to play outside more, as it makes it far easier for parents to communicate with their children.

The world’s smallest wearable phone, Tinitell is operated through the click of a button. The more advanced features have been moved into the accompanying Tinitell smartphone app for parents, which can also be used to geo-locate one or several kids.

Tinitell_Indigo copy

The idea originated when founder Mats Horn spent an evening at a friend’s house. His friend didn’t feel comfortable letting his child go out to play unaccompanied, but also had to cook dinner. The immediate (and unsatisfactory) solution was for everyone to stay inside. Mats decided then to create a better option for parents looking to stay connected without inhibiting childhood freedom.

Mats moved back to Sweden and assembled a young, but accomplished team. Tinitell’s solution is an affordable, durable, and elegant GPS-enabled wearable phone, paired with a mobile app for parents.

Tinitell has one primary button to make calls with – just press and hold the big button to initiate a call. You can scroll through up to 12 numbers by pressing the + / – buttons. The simple audio guidance for contacts, the intuitive design and ingenious simplicity – they all make for a unique wristphone.

Tinitell_coral_SIM-card_Volume 2

Parents manage it from a smartphone app, from where they can also locate Tinitell. The app is Tinitell’s command center. You can call, locate, adjust settings, you can control who can make calls and how. It enables kids to explore further and gives parents peace of mind, while encouraging them to discover the world.

For the most part, Tinitell communicates with the app via the 2G network, for functions like change contacts, or request Tinitell’s position. The only exception is when Tinitell is paired with the app. Then it uses Bluetooth.

Tinitell comes in a variety of colors and the expected retail price is $149. The design is created by a team of Scandinavian industrial designers, and is also made to appeal to grown-ups seeking a basic wristphone for rugged outdoor activities, as well as to the elderly and disabled.

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