Where to buy Tinitell in Sweden

- 11th of April, 2017

You can buy Tinitell from the following retailers in Sweden:

Clas Ohlson, Coolstuff, Lekmer, MediaMarkt, Teknik Magasinet, webhallen.se and the Telenor Shop in Täby Centrum.

Tinitel Stores Sweden

Clas Ohlson -> you can buy Tinitell online.

⭐️ Why we love Clas Ohlson: because they are proactive, knowledgeable and customer oriented, plus they offer an inspiring shopping experience throughout all their sales channels. Their operations are sustainable and take into account people and the environment.


CoolStuff -> you can order Tinitell online here.

⭐️ Why we love CoolStuff.com: they offer the most innovative, cool, and fun gadgets on the market. That’s why they are calling their web shop a “gadget heaven”.


Lekmer -> order your Tinitell here.

⭐️ Why we love Lekmer: because they’re the most complete online shop out there dedicated to children’s products. You can easily order and get home any products that you might need in a family with children. They have the ambition to become the market leader in the Nordic region for the sale of kid’s products online.


MediaMarkt – buy in stores across Sweden or order Tinitell online.

⭐️ Why we love Media Markt: because they’re professional and cool. MediaMarkt is Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, and the second largest in the world after American retailer Best Buy.


Teknik Magasinet -> find Tinitell in 128 stores across Sweden or get it online.

⭐️ Why we love Teknik Magasinet: because they started with the saying “Every Teknik Magasinet customer, big or small, should always feel welcome and be completely satisfied.” They still have this motto and their main goal is customer satisfaction; just like ours!

You can find Tinitell both online and in physical stores across Sweden and in selected Teknik Magasinet stores in Finland.


Telenor -> buy Tinitell in Täby Centrum, Stockholm.

⭐️ Why we love Telenor: because they love communication and they want to help people stay connected. Telenor Sweden’s network covers 99 percent of the country’s population. You can now find Tinitell in the Telenor store in Taby Centrum, Stockholm and soon in a Telenor store near you.


Webhallen -> find Tinitell in stores or get it online.

⭐️ Why we love Webhallen: Because they have become one of Sweden’s leading retailers with 30 physical stores and a web platform, and they’re the first choice for technology enthusiasts among parents.


Get your Tinitell today! :-)

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