Tinitell Community & Support is now online!

- 12th of May, 2016

We have been waiting for this moment for a while now and we’re extremely happy that we’ve reached the point when we can announce it: Tinitell Community & Support is now online! This will be your new playground for everything Tinitell related!

Here’s what you can find on our support microsite: product details, descriptions of how Tinitell and the Tinitell smartphone apps work, troubleshooting, orders and deliveries details + community talks, including a forum, Tinitell stories from our customers and news about Tinitell.

Tinitell Community

Here’s how to ask for support like a pro:

  • Try browsing our Knowledge Base before emailing us – we might have encountered the same issue before and we already have the answer you’re looking for. Also check the Community Talks page, as other customers might already be talking about this topic.

  • Please reach out to our customer support using the form provided on the support page or email us at hello@tinitell.com.This will minimize the response time to your question. Our social media team has limited access to support information, while the support team has all the resources to help you.

  • When you email customer support please provide us with: your real name (not only a screen name, as that one is not linked to your order), your order number, a short subject line and a clear description of the problem you’re experiencing, along with your contact details, so that we can reply or call you back.

Other nice to haves include:

  • Email us in English, if possible;
  • Use nice words (if we did something you don’t like it does not mean we have done that on purpose);
  • Emails written with CAPS LOCK and three exclamation marks (!!!) will be harder to read and this leads to a longer reply time on our part;
  • One line emails like “Where’s my order???” won’t make our job easier and you won’t get a response faster; when you email customer support please provide us with all your order details. Thank you!

Tinitell Contact Support

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