Tinitell – The Safe Phone for Kids

- 19th of October, 2017

At Tinitell, customers’ security and integrity is our first priority. Our entire system, including Tinitell’s firmware and the smartphone apps, have been built exclusively by Tinitell. We really love our Product Development team, who is always making sure we are compliant with the prevailing industry standards regarding communication and data storage. We also really love our own kids, and we would never put them in danger.

Based on a recent report released by the Norwegian Consumer Council, where several children’s phones are referred to as unsafe, Tinitell is the ONLY phone in the test that does not present a security risk for kids.

Tinitell’s safety was confirmed in the report, where Tinitell was the only product without technical vulnerabilities.

Investigators have tested different attack scenarios on the smartwatches, but they were not able to manipulate data from the Tinitell, spoof a location or exploit security holes to interact with a user (parent or kid), when they investigated Tinitell.

Tinitell Kids

The test performed shows that Tinitell is one of the safest phones for children on the market, with a noticeable better build quality.

We welcome the report by Mnemonics and the Norwegian Consumer Council. Tinitell puts the security and privacy of our customers first and foremost, as one of the best and safest way for parents and kids to communicate throughout the day, in a simple and secure manner.

Tinitell Official Statement in Response to The Norwegian Consumer Council Report.

Updated Tinitell Privacy Policy.

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