Tinitell Block Unknown Calls Update

- 7th of June, 2016

One of our main concerns here, at Tinitell, is your kid’s safety. This is why we are constantly updating our software and app functionalities on a regular basis.

Software update – call blocking

 We have just released an update for the Tinitell software that blocks external calls to the Tinitell and will only allow the numbers already stored on the Tinitell to call the device. After the software update, your kid’s Tinitell will be safe from any unintentional calls or pranks.

Note: please note that after the update you will not be able to call the Tinitell until you have registered your own phone number as a contact on Tinitell’s contact list. Don’t forget to update the Tinitell contact list first, and then call the Tinitell from your phone.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to install the software update.

Here’s how to add contacts to Tinitell via the Tinitell smartphone app and how to call your kid on Tinitell.

New Tinitell Factory Reset

 We have simplified the Tinitell factory reset process, so that you can perform this action quicker:

  • Make sure your Tinitell is OFF
  • Connect the charging cable and wait for Tinitell’s LED lights to switch on
  • Press & hold the “+ volume button” until Tinitell vibrates
  • Keep pressing the “+” volume button and disconnect the charging cable
  • Now, release “+” volume button”
  • The factory reset is confirmed by Tinitell saying “Bye bye, talk you later!”

You can read more on our support section of the website. Please contact the Tinitell Customer Support team via email or phone if you have any questions.

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