Our Tinitell Fall Bucket List

- 31st of August, 2017

by Ela @Tinitell. Proud mom of Alex, 6 yo.

We’re right in the middle of our Back to School campaign and everyone has their school lists ready. New clothes? Check. Book bag? Check. Lunch box? Check. Tinitell? Check. Our love and support. Double check!

Yes, our kids are growing up. It’a a wonder how much my son grew over the summer! Old clothes and shoes are not fitting anymore, we talk about different things, he likes different things, new adventures and new experiences are just about to begin. My son is starting school. Our kids are going back to school!

Tinitell Kids

It’s exciting and a little bit scary, our hearts are full of emotions, their hearts are full of emotions. Now more than ever, it feels like the perfect time to have a Tinitell. Because it’s easy to be there for them.

Whenever I see my kid’s name on the screen (calling), it’s like a ray of sunshine” – one of our Tinitell fathers told us. We couldn’t agree more. It feels reassuring that you’re always within reach and that they’re always one call away. Sometimes it’s only because you miss them so much! After all, it was a long summer and I have to admit, I’ve got used to have him always around me.

But Fall is so much more than school. So, what about a Fall bucket list? If you’re searching for new ideas of activities together, all of us parents here, at Tinitell, we’ve put together a list of things we’d love to do!

1. Last year clothes and shoes not fitting anymore? Well, if they are no longer in good shape for donations, why not make a funny scarecrow in the yard? Here are some tips on how to do it. We’ve also seen some really good ideas on Pinterest, from Humpty Dumpty to Spider Man, Minions and even Michael Jackson ones.

Tinitell Scarecrow ideas

2. We’re being honest: sometimes our kids are “glued” to the screen. We were feeling nostalgic for a good old play with a ball in the yard (or on the streets), until we’ve made new friends: Play Impossible!

Play Impossible Gameball™ is more than “just a ball”. The inflatable Gameball has a brain inside it that connects to the Play Impossible app. Yes, it’s a connected ball. It encourages kids (and you) to do something more than simply stare at a screen. You can use the connected device to play physical games and be active, while the app reports your progress, score and so much more.


Digital Play in a Physical Way? You’ve got it! You can select from seven different challenging games and play together. The Gameball™ is available starting September 28, 2017 on Amazon, Target.com and in select Target locations.

If you sign up for the Play Impossible newsletter at this link, you will receive exclusive pre-launch offers and you’ll be entered to WIN A FREE Gameball. Earn more chances by referring your friends and Play Impossible together! It’s like going to the gym right outside the house, but way much more fun and you can invite the neighbours, on free (or not :)) admission.

3. With so many contrasting colours, Fall is the perfect settings for an outdoor photo session. You don’t have to be a pro to capture the wonderful moments and stages in your kid’s life. From time to time I enjoy scrolling through my Instagram account, remembering all those moments when he was so little, realising how fast time goes by.

Capture every moment and every stage. Get them out the door on a sunny Fall day, go out for a walk, let them play, play with them, catch the moments. If you’re not confident on your photo skills, here are 25 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Children, and here are 9 Tips for Taking Magical iPhone Photos of Children. If your phone needs a “boost” to get the right pictures, we recommend Moment lenses for mobile photography.

4. For the cold rainy days, when playing outside is simply impossible, we’ve discovered another great alternative to the regular screen time. It’s a new board game and not just a board game, but a connected one: Beast of Balance. Win-win for everyone – and you smartly avoid the drama of taking the iPad away.

With Beast of Balance you build balancing towers, create digital worlds and discover hundreds of fabulous beasts in an app-enabled board game for 1-5 players. The game is available both in Europe and in the US, and you can buy it online from the Beast of Balance store, or order it from Amazon.

Beast of Balance

 5. Bed time has always been a special moment for us. Even now, that my kid got older, I think they are never too old for bed time stories. I enjoy them as much as he is. While we discovered Novel Effect, instead of our recent “I don’t want to go to bed” routine, our storytime got a little bit more magic. It’s magic how he’s willingly brushing his teeth, puts on the pyjama and jumps into bed ready for our next reading session :).

Novel Effect is an app that syncs theme music, sound and other special effects to books read aloud, using voice recognition. When you’re ready for storytime tell the app which book you’ve selected from your bookshelf, set your device aside, and simply read aloud to play music and sound effects. Take children of all ages to another world with a magical experience that challenges their mind and sparks their imagination. The app is currently available in the App Store and will be coming soon to the Android Market.

Novel Effect

This is our Tinitell Fall Bucket List of 5. Technology is here to stay but we believe it shouldn’t take over our lives. We hope our recommendations can help us all take on technology in a constructive way, as to improve our real life experiences, and not to replace them.

We hope you had a great summer and looking forward for the best new school year together!

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