Tinitell. Scandinavian Mobile Phone For Kids

- 9th of February, 2016

Tinitell. Scandinavian Mobile Phone For Kids – Stockholm 2016

When talking about technology and children, smartphones, tablets, video games and other devices have reduced kids’ time playing outdoors. Yet, many parents would rather have their children spend time running and playing outside, exploring the outdoor world. That’s why Tinitell just launched “your kid’s first mobile phone” in Europe and in the US.

Super simple, fun, and durable, Tinitell is the best option for parents looking to stay connected with their children, without limiting their freedom to explore the outside world.

Tinitell Phone for Kids

Simplicity is key and Tinitell is operated through the click of a button. Press the big button to initiate a call. Scroll through up to 12 numbers by pressing the + / – buttons. Tinitell contacts are saved in the device through the Tinitell smartphone app.

Visual interaction is replaced by voice guidance, essential during outdoor activities. Instead of numbers on a screen, Tinitell has voice labels for each contact, recorded by parents and kids. Moreover, Tinitell has its own voice in communicating essential messages, making it more of a friend than a device.

Parents manage it from a smartphone app, from where they also can locate Tinitell. They can see how active kids are, manage contacts, set who can make calls and how. Tinitell is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Tinitell is created by a team of experienced engineers and industrial designers with strong backgrounds in telecommunications and tech in Scandinavia. Over the past two years, Tinitell has attracted exceptional talent from all over the world, with a wide range of experience with industry leaders.

Our belief is that communication should help us enjoy what’s important in life. We don’t want to keep children online with a great new app. We want to keep children offline with a great new device.

Happy Talking!

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