Tinitell is now available in USA

- 17th of August, 2016

We’re happy to let you know that a limited edition of Tinitells will be available in USA starting today!

As we are ramping up production for October, we will be shipping a small batch of Tinitells to the USA first, in a special partnership with Ting. Please visit shop.tinitell.com for more details and to buy your Tinitell. This is a limited offer, only for August!

tinitell available in USA

If you are in USA, you will receive your Tinitell with a pre-installed TING MICRO SIM CARD (you can also use your own SIM card). Ting offers flexible monthly rates and the best Tinitell compatible subscription, along with a strong 2G network coverage. Based on the average usage with Tinitell your Ting bill will be 12 USD / month.

If you are in Europe, we’re planning on opening the EU Shop as of October 4th, when the first full production of Tinitells hits our warehouse in Sweden. The waiting is almost over!


Tinitell Aqua

149.00 USD
tinitell aqua

Tinitell Coral

149.00 USDtinitell coral

Tinitell Indigo

149.00 USDtinitell indigo

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