Tinitell Reviews of the Week

- 2nd of September, 2016

Hello Tinitellers!  Find some of last weeks highlights and Tinitell reviews below! Keep tagging us in your pictures and using #tinitell #happytalking for a chance to be featured! :-)

Tinitell reviews


I would like to thank Mats and his staff for helping so many parents and grandparents keep their children safe.

It has been worth the wait and the quality improvements make the watch phone the best. I have been looking at all your competitors and never liked the bands, face and general operations. You have a winner.” – Robert, U.S.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. The whole neighbourhood is asking me about my son’s Tinitell! I’m referring them all to you! Hope you guys can keep up with production. This will be huge in the US” – Stephanie, U.S.

After having the Tinitell for about 1 month I think it’s time for a little evaluation.

The Tinitell works excellent.

It’s easy to call from it, and easy to call it and whenever we have tested the GPS it have pin-pointed the correct location.

You have made an amazing thing and we are so happy for the Tinitell.” – Mattias, Sweden

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