Ready. Set. Go!

Welcome to the Tinitell Family!
Here’s a quick guide on how to start using your Tinitell.

Tinitell works like any other phone, so to start using it you will need to purchase a micro SIM card and top it up with voice and mobile data credit. We have tested a number of operators to make sure that Tinitell will work fine in your country, so please follow this reference list of recommended operators per country.

US customers will receive Tinitell with a pre-installed SIM card from Ting.

Once you have purchased a micro SIM card from one of the recommended operators, please make sure that you insert it correctly.

  • Make sure your smartphone’s internet connection is on
  • Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection is on
  • Make sure you have a 2G micro SIM card available
  • Make sure your 2G micro SIM card is topped up with calls and data
  • Download the Tinitell app on Google Play or App store (Sweden and Rest of the World)
  1. Open the micro SIM card lid with the world’s smallest screwdriver
  2. Insert the micro SIM card as shown here
  3. Switch Tinitell OFF by pressing the big button longer than 6 seconds
  4. Switch Tinitell ON by pressing the big button longer than 4 seconds
  5. Make sure your Tinitell next to your smartphone, launch the Tinitell app
  6. Press on “Get Started” and follow the instructions in the app
  • Once you have successfully paired your Tinitell with the app, the map will show Tinitell’s position with a coloured pin.
  • Press on the Tinitell icon
  • Swipe the menu screen up
  • Press the call icon
  • Make sure Tinitell sits next to your smartphone
  • Press on the Tinitell icon
  • Swipe up the menu screen
  • Press the “Contacts” menu
  • Press the “+” icon and select a contact from your phone’s contact list
  • Press the “microphone” icon to record a voice label for that contact (i.e. Mom) then press “Done”
  • You can also turn on / off the call blocking feature from this screen
  • Press the “Call Button” – big button on the Tinitell face
  • Use the “Volume Buttons” to scroll between contacts and hear their voice labels
  • Press the “Call Button” again to start calling
  • Press the “Call Button” when you want to end the call

You’re done.

Download PDF

Download ‘Get started’ English version as PDF.
Or in: Swedish | Danish | Finnish | Norwegian.

Please read more on or email us to
should you encounter any problem when you set up your Tinitell.